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- Jazz/Fiddle
- Adults
- General group classes

Small groups/ high-quality teaching/economical


We offer face-to-face as well as online lessons,
group or individual lessons 

We teach :

  • Preschool children respect their personal development rate.

  • Children and teens, for exams, auditions, and competitions, or for the love of the violin. 

  • Adults, beginners to advanced, returning to violin players too!

Our high-achieving students stand out in examinations and Violin competitions and play with passion.

Adult students thrive and grow with our unique approach and our various chamber orchestras.



Zoe, Trinity Beach

"My daughter is really enjoying learning violin at Cairns Violin Studio. Catherine's teaching style is gentle and encouraging. The flexible mode of online or face-to-face lessons makes it easy. I would highly recommend, to anyone considering learning violin, to book in a lesson and see for yourself"

David P.

“It’s a pleasure to have our 2 girls coached by Catherine. They are both learning and loving the violin and sounding great. Catherine is a wonderful teacher, musician and violinist.”

David C.

“I have had weekly viola lessons from Catherine since April 2020, and can’t recommend her enough as a music teacher.
The lessons are dynamic and individually tailored for each student. Catherine recognises an individual’s musical strengths and takes a nuanced approach to learning and teaching. The progress I’ve made under Catherine’s tutorage has been remarkable, and I always look forward to each lesson.”

Dominic H.

"My daughter describes Catherine as a patient teacher of the violin, who takes the time to listen to her students. With Catherine’s positive and careful guidance m my daughter has evolved her talent with the instrument and her understanding of music. I couldn’t recommend Catherine enough."

Lilly G.

"I am really happy with the progress my daughter has made, in such a short time my daughter is actually playing the violin. Catherine has an amazing rapport and teaching style. She is able to encourage excellence in a relaxed environment. I would definitely recommend her as a violin teacher.
It's difficult to write in words how impressed I am with how well my daughter is developing as a violinist.
She just loves coming to your lessons and trying new things. She is starting to look more comfortable with the violin being an extension of her. I love listening to her and seeing her excitement when she learns something new.
Thank you for the time and care you have put into teaching her a skill that keeps giving. You are an exceptional mentor and teacher, you love what you do and that makes all the difference.".

How was your experience with us?

Please let us know how your experience with us was. We are always eager to hear your feedback!



School-aged students enjoy being part of our Studio where they know they will have access to technical excellence as well as being presented with public performance opportunities, Violin and piano, as well as Cairns Violin Studio's very own ensemble/orchestra sessions, Preparation for examinations is not compulsory but led with professionalism and aiming for confidence building and excellence.

Catherine’s students over the years, have obtained the highest scores at the ABRSM and AMEB examinations over all the centres in Australia (including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth).

A high percentage of our students have developed such a passion and strong technical and musical level that they continued their journey to becoming professional musicians, attending eminent Music Colleges, and are now working in reputable orchestras in major cities.

Teaching adults takes a big place in our hearts and in our studio, from beginners to advanced levels. Our approach is very different from teaching young musicians, as we consider components that may already affect your life such as stress and physical tension,  the need to think and analyze technical and musical information, and the flexibility in practice rate and lesson times. 

Playing the violin becomes part of a personal development program, and we offer the opportunity to be part of our chamber music program to share your passion with other musicians. 

Take yourself out of the work mindset, and let the violin become your personal space. 

Children from 2 years old can develop an interest for the violin.png

Your toddler is interested in playing the violin?

At Cairns Violin Studio, we are so proud of our very young students who started learning the violin at 2 or 3 years old. Music is part of our DNA!

Our lessons for this age group respect the individual evolution of each child while training the ear for pitch and rhythm identification, and supporting fine motor skills development. 


Catherine enjoys teaching all types of students who display an interest for the instrument, and believes that everyone can play the violin.
Based on this concept, students not only gain confidence but grow a passion for music that will stay with them all their life, and bring another dimension to their world. 


Lessons focus

Lessons are tailored to students’ needs and include small group and individual sessions

  • Ages from 2 to 99 years

  • Violin ensemble program and public performances

  • AMEB and ABRSM exam preparation in both violin and music theory, online or face to face

  • Preparation to national and international competitions

  • Schools music programs support 

  • Adults teaching from beginners to advanced levels (for your personal enjoyment to professional development)

  • Scholarship programs to support and motivate our dedicated students

  • Holiday courses to meet the Cairns Violin Studio community and play together

Lessons formats

Various options are combined to enhance motivation and progress for each student.

We run 4 programs in parallel:

Preschool Class (2.5 to 4yo)

Rainbow Class (4yo to 6.5yo)

Moderato Class (From Primary school to adults, various Classes per age group)

Rising Star Program

  • Individual lessons in studio (violin and theory combined, performance or technical development).

  • Small group lessons (2 to 4 students) and ensemble programs, or a combination of both group and individual lessons.

  • Online lessons ( available at all times)

  • Flexible lesson times for adults/ Fixed times for after school hours and children

  • Music Theory lessons (individual or group according to students’ levels at the time)

Ensembles and Performances

​Being part of a Music School means you also get the opportunity to participate to our ensemble programs and concerts, meet other players, and motivate each other along the way.


According to your level and aspirations, you will be invited to participate to rehearsals and concerts with our Violin Ensembles. 

Events and concerts take place along the year, adding the spice of practicing for a purpose.

The End of Year concert gathers Cairns Violin Studio's players of all ages and is a special moment we all enjoy!

Come and join us with your violin @Cairns Violin Studio!​​

Lessons take place in a safe and comfortable environment. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch individual lessons. 

The teaching approach aims at boosting each student’s confidence and motivation, ensuring progress and enjoyment along the way.

Modern and classic methods coordinated to adapt to each student's individual style and needs.

Understanding the student’s unique abilities, and individual challenges and obstacles is the basis for a flexible teaching approach. Ranging from classical French technical skills to the Suzuki hear and play method, Catherine brings out the best in each student.

After school hours lessons can be purchased and booked per Term (discuss the option with your teacher).

Saturday lessons are more flexible and can be purchased as a series of 5 or 10 lessons at a time

School hours lessons Monday to Friday come in series of 5 or 10.


Prices vary according to the level, duration, format, and recurrence of the lessons :

Lessons packs (5 or 10 lessons)

Term payments

We do not offer free trials any longer, due to our busy timetable. 

You can still book a first lesson before enrolling.


Students may choose to rent the instrument if they find themselves in a size transitioning phase, or by personal choice.
We offer a range of violins from ¼ to full size. Your teacher can advise the best size for you or your child.

Students will be able to bring the instrument home with them and be presented with an agreement and care sheet.
The teacher reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the violin is not cared for properly.

Upon return of the instrument, if damage has been done, all repair costs must be covered by the customer. 


If the violin is damaged beyond repair (or the cost adds up higher than the price of the violin itself), a replacement violin of the same price range as the damaged one will be accepted.

To start your rental, organize a meeting with the teacher, who will assess the size and needs of the student, and provide an agreement form.



Breathing and music playing come in pairs. Catherine Clarke is a fully qualified yoga breathing coach, adapting her knowledge to bring harmony between the breath and sound production, restoring balance within the nervous system, and establishing a healthy body awareness and posture.

As a certified life and business coach, Catherine mentors students following a unique holistic approach.

The mind, the body, and the instrument need to coordinate to reach the most satisfying results. 

The violin becomes a way to gain confidence, to reach goals, find your inner self, and realign your body and mind. 



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